Welcome to my blog

Everything on this website is written as I would write it in my personal diary. Coping with intense events ain't always easy. Writing this stuff down helps me a little bit. Also.. my therapist recommended me to do this..


 The layout is pretty simple. When you scroll down you'll see a little update of what's been going on with the website itself. Further down you will see my blog and a recommended playlist I always listen to, no matter the state I'm in.

Thank you for visiting my page!

May my mistakes help people to prevent them from making the same.

The transfer from Wordpress to Wix

The transfer finally happened and a new era has begun. Wordpress just didn't offer me the options to fully create what I want to, how I want to. And Thanks to Wix, I feel like I can be more creative with the layout of this website/blog. I am looking forward to adding more content in the future.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time!


Music to enjoy

Whenever I am studying or reading, I like to enjoy some nice LoFi hiphop. It's calming beats help me to keep my focus. I don't get anything from promoting this channel, this is purely my recommendation!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!