About me

A short introduction. I'm a young dad, in my mid twenties. After my divorce, I entered a new and happy relationship. I am diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. I'd like to think I am, generally, a happy person with high morale. A family man. An old and troubled soul with a frivolous, sometimes even a childish character.

I am half south-east Asian and half north-west European. I grew up in the north-east of Europe. My child is a quarter north-west European, a quarter south-east Asian, and half Chinese. The mother and I devorced. I am currently in an extremely happy relationship with a Balkan-state ethnicity who will soon be getting a second, northern European, citizenship. A double citizenship. Are you sticking with me? So why does it matter, you ask. Cultural differences, strong and clashing personalities and many more aspects played their part in my life events. I'll spare you the details for now.

Writing it down and sharing it with the world is something I would like to try. It may help me, someone else, maybe even you. Perhaps you are stuck in a phase of life that I just escaped. Or maybe you see a lot of similarities in our situations.

It means a lot to me that you take the time to read my blog. For you, these might be short stories of someone else's life that you might be interested in. For me, this is a way to cope, process and reflect on the stuff I've been through. Maybe even help myself or someone else along the way! That would be amazing.