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After about half a year, the last few efforts have been made to make my divorce final. The last items have been handed over and there is nothing left that reminds me of that terrible time. It feels like either years or days, I am not sure which one is more accurate. All I know is that my family and I finally experience a bit of peace. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one who suffered from this event. My parents were highly involved in this whole conclave. Funny how something as simple as items can make you feel a certain pressure.

Money can turn people into monsters. Some will always try to extort the other until the enemy is left with absolutely nothing. Only then will they feel good about themselves. Materialism is only partly in my dictionary. Sure, I am a huge fan of the latest technology and I honestly would have a hard time without my little gadgets. It's my hobby. Money, on the contrary, is something I care little about, and have little control over. As long as I make enough to live a decent life, I'll be satisfied.

Can you imagine the feeling of victory when you manage to extort those hundred bucks at the expense of someone you hate? Well I cannot. May I present you with an example?

This week I got hit by a car. I was cycling on the bicycle road where there is no other traffic allowed. It was one, straight way and I had the right of way. As I was moving forward, I saw a car that wanted to take a turn and cross my path. The car stopped to let me pass. The moment I was in front of that car, the driver either released the clutch, or he hit the gas. Either way, he managed to hit me on my right side and I flew forward on the concrete. Parts of my bike flew around in the air and hit the ground hard as I was watching my surroundings from the floor. I got up without checking my physical state and moved my bike to the sidewalk. The driver stopped; I gave him a sign to park anywhere near. Pedestrians asked me if I was ok, and if I needed any help. I refused and thanked them for the offer.

As the guy got out of his car, he looked a little troubled. But there was also some kind of emptiness in his eyes. He apologized to me, said it was completely his fault. I didn't really respond to anything he said, I waited for my turn to talk. He said he was sorry and he had an appointment he really had to get to. He gave me his phone number and I took pictures of the damages. I asked him for his license and registration. He handed it to me, so I took pictures of it with his consent. He asked me to contact him later that afternoon and he apologized again. Me, still bamboozled by this accident, agreed and wished him a nice day despite of what just happened. He looked a little surprised.

I got home and contacted all the insurance companies for advice. It was a brand new and expensive bike. They said I should get it repaired and send them the invoice so they can compensate me. The total amount was not really high, so I decided to just pay up, send it to them and leave it at that. I forgot to call the guy though, but there was no need to call him anyway. Sure, my bike does not look brand new anymore, and I felt pain in my hip and knee for nearly a week. But I had no feelings of resentment. The guy who hit me was 86 years old.

He had his damage, and I had mine. And I think that's enough. No need to make a fuss about something that was an accident. I mean, I refuse to believe there was any intent from his side. I'd rather forget the whole thing and move on with my life. Theoretically I could've sued him or what not. But what's the point? In the end I don't think anyone would gain something from that.

My point is, money is just money. Accidents are involuntarily, with victims from both sides. Shouldn't you cut the other one some slack once in a while? Is it worth it to try and make the other person pay? I'm sure he felt guilty, his car wasn't looking too good either. That's punishment enough. Not to sound egocentric, but I wish more people would think the way I do. Like an unknown source once quoted: An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. Just continue and move on with your life.

- Nastavi

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