• Nastavi


Exactly 48 hours before arriving at my holiday destination. Lots to prepare, so little time. While my SO is working, I try to do everything I need to do before she comes home. She didn't slack either, yesterday she drove an rushed from city to city to deal with some stuff last minute.

Have to say that my smile does not leave my face the entire time. I have to get out of this country and nothing will be able to stop me. It's my first vacation with her, and times have been very tough. Not between us, but everything around us. Even though I have more energy than ever before, ever since we met, I can't help but feel drained. I am guessing she feels the same.

It felt like only yesterday that we still had more than 2 weeks before flying. I'm not sure why time suddenly accelerated, but I don't mind. I just hope it pauses when we arrive. Hoping the moment will never pass.

Preparations used to cause fights in my relationship, especially when stuff needed to happen last minute. While I was the laid-back kinda guy, my partner thought I was a little too laid back and I should be stressing out more. Every little detail had to be discussed. It caused a lot of fights. Back then I accepted my fate, but now I'm flabbergasted by the fact someone can even think that way.

There's still a lot of stuff to pack and prepare. COVID is not making traveling any easier. I'll do my best to keep posting the coming two weeks. But for now, I'll continue my preperations.

- Nastavi

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