• Nastavi

Shocked by a song

Scrolling through Spotify playlists, I was looking for songs in my native language I might like. Usually I'm quite prejudice towards native music. Most of it sounds terrible, but I remembered a few artists I used to like back in the day so I thought, let's give it a shot. Well I found one! I listened to it a few times and decided to look up the video on youtube.

The message of the song was pretty clear to me when I only heard the music. Two teenagers are deeply in love, and discovering life. Cycling to each others house, and sending messages all dat, every day. Presumably after a year or so, they unfortunately grew apart. But that's not what happened apparently. I started watching the video, and it confirmed my predictions. At first.. In the end of the video he was sending his girlfriend a message when cycling home, and got hit by a car. And died. What the actual f.... I did not see that one coming.

When listening to music, I find correlations to my own life in every word, every sentence. A dreamer dreams, and I was thinking about my love of my life the whole time. When I was watching the video as well. Seeing the scene where the guy hits the floor and dies, triggered tears before I realised what actually happened. Even though it was blurred out..

The song was so innocent. It reminded my of the present, my current feelings. When those feelings got abruptly taken from me, I left me in shock. If only I could guess what was coming, I wouldn't be impressed. Not even slightly. Thinking ten steps ahead is kind of my thing. The fact that the songwriter managed to leave me speechless.. kudos to him. It opened my eyes.

I've been a little too prejudiced toward my country, the language and its people. Sure, a lot of music is still shite, but I should be open to the music that might be good. But that's not a very bad aspect, I mean, everyone is prejudice towards something, right? No, my biggest eye-opener was the fact I take my life, and my love, way too much for granted. I am so sorry, I didn't even know. I swore I never would, but I think it happened subconsciously. You'll be there when I get home, and if you're not, you will be soon. But what if, in a blink of an eye, everything changes for the worst?

Should I constantly be aware of what might ever happen, even though the chance is relatively small? Or should I just enjoy every moment and not think about those things? Should I dose my thoughts equally over a certain period of time? What do I choose, realism or relativism? This song created a big imbalance, and I am happy it did. It's something to deeply evaluate.

How does one prevent to continue their way of life like they're used to? And what do I need to change, to change for the better? Every time it's hindsight.. Can I be quicker? One thing is certain.. I need to show her my appreciation way more often than I do now. And I need to continue doing that, forever.

- Nastavi

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