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Sometimes I wonder if I should ever try to start writing a book about my bizarre life. Someone, somewhere might have exactly the same experiences as I have. More often than not I convince myself that people are not interested in my life, nor do I have the linguistic skills to write a book in English. Anonymity is something I highly value, just as privacy. Also keeping a low profile is something I am used to. Isn't writing a book a little contradictory? Where do I even start?

Goals are important. But so is motivation. What motivates me to start writing this book.. and what do I hope to achieve from it? If it's solely for the purpose of coping with my problems, does the reward outweigh the effort? Talking about rewards, what do I hope the reward is? Serenity?

Lately I've been reading the articles from the 'School of Life' and listening to the all-famous book called 'The subtle art of not giving a f*ck'. A lot of what the authors say makes sense. While the 'School of Life' feels more evidence-based, with a philosophical foundation, the 'Subtle art' feels like it's written on purely life experience. Together they create a perfect standpoint that matches my view on the world.

It didn't sound like the writer of the subtle art mastered the art of writing when he first started. This opinion is not based on research though. Everyone should be able to write a book when they really want to, right?

My therapist told me that what I needed most right now, is a helicopter view. Taking distance from my personal situation and create solutions, opinions and measures not based on bias. Basically, I need to change my standpoint. The funny thing about advice is that it's easily given, but the journey towards the mentioned utopia is one to discover yourself. It would be a lot easier if he told me how to achieve that goal. But how should he know..

Maybe I should just start writing and see where the road takes me. If in the end nobody read it, I would be fine. I wouldn't care too much.

This is a short post, and more of a flow of thoughts. You're probably the first to know when I proceed with this idea.

- Nastavi

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