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Spontaneity. This might be a keyword in a happy relationship. I noticed that most things I plan, are either cancelled or not going according to plan at all. Me and my [cringe warning] significant other, from now on 'SO' for short, both work irregular shifts. This sometimes makes it very difficult to plan stuff. But we grab whichever opportunity comes our way.

Last Saturday we were planning on getting up early, get ready to get to her house, go to the mall, go back to her house and order some food, watch a movie and sleep over there. We woke up, took a shower, laid down on the couch and watched TV at my place till midnight. The only thing that did go according to plan, was ordering food. We enjoyed ourselves. We were happy. We both did not know we had so little energy that we didn't manage to do anything we wanted to. Spontaneously, the plan changed.

In my past relationship this would not have been possible. There would've been a long discussion about my energy level, the urgency of the stuff we "need" to do that day, and much more. At the end of this discussion, one of us will compromise, no matter what. We would blame each other for it. Agitation and frustration from both sides will affect the rest of that day. In the end, neither got what we wanted. I was happy to see the sun go down and realise this day does not last long anymore. But I also knew, tomorrow might be exactly the same.

Last Sunday, my SO and I decided to not do much. Just like the day before. We got hungry, and we were both craving a nice and juicy cheeseburger. So.. We decided to go and get one. After five minutes we were ready to go, and we jumped in the car. We live pretty close to the beach, and we headed straight to a Burger King. Small droplets started falling down from the sky. She grabbed my arm and I unfolded my umbrella. Steadily, the amount of rain increased. We were laughing out loud about something silly we saw on TV earlier while our clothes were becoming heavier due to the moist it contained. Honestly, I could not have been happier. As we were walking along the boulevard, an Argentinian restaurant caught my eye. I saw fireplaces and patio heaters. The Burger King was already in sight. We looked each other in the eye and changed our course. We sat down, ordered some cappuccino, steak and beers, and we were warming up by the fire.

We were cuddling and not talking much. But the smile on her face, subtly squinting her eyes while looking at the flames with a drink in her hand. A day in utopia.

"Too bad" I said.. "I was really craving that juicy cheeseburger". "I still am, what's stopping us?" she said..

"When we finish our meal, we go get as many whoppers as our stomach desires."

- Nastavi

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